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What is mindfulness?

What is mindfulness? To know consciousness, we have to know what makes life. Why is there an inability to create life? After knowing the answers to these questions, it becomes easy to understand what  mindfulness is.

Let’s understand what life is. Life is energy such as motion energy or static energy that is the object of an object or person to keep it active or stable, the same energy indicates to us to be life. At the same time, the living conscious removes both growth and destruction.

Now know how life is built, all the living animals and birds in the world are tree-fed, their body is made up of five substances: fire, air, earth, and sky. Our body’s body cover is constructed from the earth. Air is essential for making our breathing actions and minds active.

Agni is essential for fire digestion. Without water, no body’s internal purchasing is possible. The sky, which is our soul, is the sky.

Now know what is mindfulness? Our soul is our soul, it has neither destroyed nor origin. It has neither a beginning nor an end, but the body must have its end, the mind created by it is Maya.

Maya means the shadow in which the shadow of every object is created in Rosni. In the same way, the mind is formed by the body which produces the illusion of being a soul.

The answer to what is mindfulness? is to reject what confuses the mind and to accept the existence of the soul. To recognize the power of the conscious soul. To know the soul is conscious. The soul is the truth, the soul is the non-existence.

When we have come to know what is mindfulness? So now we should know how to break the water circulated by the mind and achieve its conscious state. After knowing what is mindfulness? the way to attain consciousness is meditation.

what is mindfulness meditation

What is mindfulness meditation? mindfulness is the result of meditation. Meditation is the action through which the state of consciousness is attained.

In the state of consciousness, the experience of being enamored is achieved, the experience of being complete creates stagnation in life. From peace and peace, the sense of happiness always remains in life forever.

Knowing what mindfulness meditation? is, it is important to know the method of meditation. There are many methods of meditation.

The main function of meditation is to realize your memory of your own existence which has been misled by the mind. Conscious meditation is knowing the existence of the self through various activities.

What is conscious meditation or what is the major component of conscious meditation? The main step of conscious meditation is to be continuous in the witnessing sense.

The witnessing spirit is not the one where we do it. You are doing any work, you are eating food at that time, separate yourself and observe yourself.

The main work that you can do to get into a witnessing sense is to always be conscious. It is that we nowadays engage the mind in many tasks at the same time in a dynamic life.

In order to witness, we have to practice to do each task with our whole mind. The answer to this question is what is conscious meditation.


what is mindfulness training?

What is Mindfulness Training? Mind fulness training is the art of living the present moment which is guided by an activity, ie the use of activities that are used to achieve the state of witnessing is mindfulness training. This can be done through the following activities.

Laughter meditation

Laughing is also called laughter meditation, the action of group or solitude without any reason in the state of the conscious consciousness.

Laughing gives us positive energy. Today, in the modern lifestyle of tomorrow, the number of psychiatric diseases is increasing day by day. The main reason for this is to find Hanshi in a busy life.

Cry meditation

The act of crying is also a meditation. Men try to cry because of pride; they seem to be a symbol of humiliation. Regardless of the cast, men do not cry.

Crying whole-heartedly in solitude leads to the displacement of negative energy present in memory.

Modern psychologists believe that crying when the cast is less likely to lead to psychosis. In fact, the negative energy that is stored as a result of the dharma of the mind is due to mental illness.

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what is mindfulness


meditations for kids

Meditation for children, the rites received in childhood by parents and children from the surrounding environment, is in the human personality throughout their life. The perception that childhood gets engraved on the psyche is difficult to change.

Therefore, meditation is very important for children. The first thing that has to be done to attract children to attend is to answer the questions of the children in such a way that positive thoughts can be accommodated in their minds.

Moral subjects and spiritual subjects should get a prominent place in the education of the Wacho unabashedly. Meditation and the presence of a yoga teacher must be present in the school.

what is mindfulness in Buddhism

Mind Phulnesh occupies a prominent place in Buddhism.

The main emphasis of Buddha is mindfulness. The opposition to the illusion prevalent in religion has been done by Buddha.

The basis of complete Buddhism is mindfulness. There is no conception of the rebirth in the Buddha soul. Buddha believes that attaining consciousness through meditation and knowledge is attaining nirvana.

The ultimate goal of man is to achieve the conscious, after the attainment of the conscious, there is no use of any material thing. The illusion of life and death ceases.

The inhuman act cannot be executed by the knowledge of the usefulness of life and death. And that person becomes undefeated.


What is conscious, the short answer is Prakrit’s knowledge, the soul’s interview. The methods of meditation and yoga have been invented to know what is conscious.

What is mindfulness? Consciousness is excessive.


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