What is fear and how to overcome in 2021

Definition of fear

Fear is a mental emotion that is both necessary and harmful to life. Fear is negative energy in which many negative elements are present, such as disunity, loss, despair, etc.

Fear is the result of fear of being evil. Fear occurs because the events in life are uncertain. Fear is because we have a desire to get something, the reason for not wanting to be fulfilled is fear.

Region to fear

Fear is an ill-conditioned condition found in all living beings due to which the following emotions

1 greed

2 fascination

3 ignorance


Greed to get goods is the main reason for losing items. Greed is a negative mental emotion that is the core of many negative energies.

When we have a desire to get a particular thing, then we always have a fear of not getting that thing. So greed is a major reason for fear.


Attachment means to have an excessive attachment to an object or person. That is, we are well aware that all the settlements are racist in this world but the mind always denies this.

All the philosophical beliefs like pruvajanam, heaven hell, are only imaginations done to support fear. The temptation of life generates fear. So the second reason is fear.



Ignorance means to reject the truth. Ignorance means a lack of knowledge of the nature of nature. Ignorance means the tendency to lie to the truth even after seeing the truth in emotions. Ignorance is also a reason for fear to occur.

how to overcome fear

Fear can be overcome by renouncing greed, removing the attachment, and gaining knowledge. Phobia is another name for fear of ignorance.

Phobia-like fear can be overcome by meditation and yoga practice. Phobia can be overcome with the advice of a psychiatrist.

list of phobia


Trifobia is a type of phobia in which the human is scared of the hole. Man, who suffers from this phobia, begins to experience the fear of imagining a type of hole.


 In agoraphobia the person is afraid of the crowd, such a person is afraid of the public place or public vehicle. It is due to one or more times to face terrorist incidents.


A person suffering from this phobia is afraid of deep sources of water such as the ocean, river well, etc. A person suffering from this disease starts imagining drowning in these sources.


A person suffering from this disease experiences fear from tight places such as elevators, elevators etc.


Emetophobia mentally challenged person is afraid of vomiting, such person does not like to see people vomiting, vomiting. Nobody likes to see vomiting, but a person suffering from such phobias starts imagining it again and again.




In this, the person feels afraid of height, people suffering from this type of phobia are found more.


In this, one experiences fear from spiders.


A person suffering from this mental disorder experiences a rate in making love or emotional attachment to another person.


In this, the person experiences a rate from the dark. This type of person also has more.


It is a specific type of phobia in which a person is afraid that he is being seen by someone, that is, a person’s eye on him.


This is the ten result of today’s high usage of mobile, in which the person is afraid that he is working without mobile.

12.fear of long words

This type of patient experiences fears from tall people.


In megalophobia, the person is afraid of a big size like a big animal ship, etc.


It is a fear found in very few people, in which the person is afraid of being specific.


A person suffering from this experiences shaking and changes in many ways.


Zoophobia is the fear of animals.


It is a common fear in which a woman is afraid of giving birth to children. In this, there is a fear of the woman being wrong with the child.


There is a fear of dogs.


It is a disease found in more people, in which the person is afraid to speak in society, it is due to lack of confidence or excessive mental pressure.


In this, the rate of being alone remains that person thinks that he is alone


He fears the person’s medical treatment like fear of being injected.


In this, the person is afraid of being the center of attention.

23.fear of missing out

In this type of patient, fear of getting separated.


In this, the person is afraid of being humiliated by another


In this, the person is afraid of the opposite of the word, it is a kind of incurable disease.

Fear is usually in everyone, but in front of fear, there is victory. Fear is beneficial to attract attention to our shortcomings. Fear indicates more than we need to avoid failure.

Fear is negative energy but positive devotion can also be achieved by this. It depends on the person whether the fear is malevolent or positive for him.

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