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What is the emotion 

Emotion is the quality of the mind, emotion is the quality of the mind that is found in all living beings. The basis of the work that the mind does is emotion, sadness, anger, anger are all the main elements of the mind.

So the mind is the emotion, the mind is the emotion. The mind does not exist without emotion, emotion cannot exist in the absence of mind, so emotion is an element of mind.

Is emotion good or bad?

Seeing emotion in the context of normal life, there are two types of feelings. Good and bad love is a good feeling. Anger is a bad one. It has its own importance in normal life and its effect keeps on varying bad or good according to usage.

It is for a normal life. Because when we are in normal life, the mind is present, but when we talk about spirituality, then it is something different or opposite. The mind remains absent in optimistic life, or in other words, if the mind does not remain active, the mind becomes inactive.

The presence of mind means that you are leading a normal life. Up-gradual actions are done to make the mind uninteresting. Absence of mind means the end of feeling.

The mind saves its existence only on the basis of the illusion of emotion. The mind creates the feeling of its existence only on the basis of feeling. While the truth is that the mind does not exist. Man is an illusion, that is, the mind does not exist.

Even though it is the concept of its existence, it is called Mayajaal. A man also keeps on realizing his presence in life with the help of feelings.

Therefore, in the normal state of life, the effect of emotions is good or bad, but when we are in an optimistic life, there is no existence of emotions. Or say that the process of neutralizing emotions is the main point of modern practice. 

There is no emotion in an optimistic person. An optimistic person is non-emotional. He is normal in both the state of grief or happiness.

Or in other words, there is no existence of feelings due to the absence of mind. The rest remains soul, the soul is true. When the presence of the soul comes through advance, then we have knowledge of the truth.

The truth is that the soul is never born or never dies. The soul is void and there is the nothingness of the void. The rest of the mind is untrue, Mayajaal.

As if the shadow of our body has no existence, the shadow is a illusion. In the same way, body, life, life is also a magic. Having knowledge of this and imbibing it, there is no meaning of sorrow or other feelings.

Effects of emotions

The effect of emotions is always wrong. Regardless of how good the feelings are, for example, if we love someone, then we are highly sensitive to it and excessiveness is harmful to any concern. The person we love in his personal life. Our unprovoked effect increases which are harmful to him.

The effect of negative sentiments is negative, but what we call positive sentiment also has negative effect. In other words, emotion is a negative element in spirituality, it is just an element of the mind.

Emotions always have side effects, as much as a person is emotional, he remains unhappy in life. The only reason for sadness and happiness is the flow of Feelings.

Emotions cease to exist and the Bhavanao is finished after its completion. There is no importance of sorrow or happiness in the result. That is, stability is very much in life.

It can be understood by a story that there lived a dance named Angulimal in a state, after killing a person who passed through his forest, he cut his fingers and wore a garland of fingers and wore it around his neck. Name people put angulimal(fingers keeper).

Angulimal took the help of killing 100 people, people were afraid, so no one used to go through that path. Once Lord Buddha was passing through that path. People stopped Buddha to go through that path.

But Buddha kept passing on that path and after walking some distance, the face of Angulimal and Buddha faced Buddha was constantly growing on his path without fear.

Angulimal was surprised how this person who has gone without fear, while people did not run through that route fearing him, even the king did not wish to go through that route even his mother was afraid of him. Mercury was moving ahead of without fear.

The Angulimal has said the voice, “Who are you, who do not know who I am, I will kill you. The Buddha said without fearing, I stopped when you stopped. And I know who you are but what you know that you Who is it, and what will you kill me? I have been killed for a long time.


It means that the mind has stopped feeling, so that emotions like ego and rebellion, due to which effect the finger is murdered, that feeling of Buddha has become dormant, that is, the mind has stopped the flow of thoughts. So your sense of rebellion has stopped. When will it stop, Buddha, asks Angulimal.

The second means to die, the fear of death is eradicated, that is to assimilate that death is certain and that the soul will exist even after death, that is, knowing that the soul does not die, the fear of death will cease.is.

Hearing these words of the Buddha, Angulimal gives up the weapons for the murder and falls at the feet of the Buddha. The Buddha asks him to take initiation i.e. knowledge. Finger says that O Lord I am not eligible to acquire knowledge. But Buddha answers.

You are fully eligible to acquire this knowledge, because you have acquired the inability to make the mind inactive for knowledge, so you deserve it now.

It is very important to be eligible because ineligible cannot bear that knowledge. The character can be a dacoit or a thief. The main essential element for eligibility is not to become active 8.

How to control feelings

Emotion cannot be controlled, the only solution is to make the mind inactive and the mind can be done through passive meditation and only through yoga. Yoga helps to keep all parts of our body functioning smoothly.

Mind and body are connected to each other, health is the body which helps in getting into the state of meditation. If the body is not healthy then it is not possible to come into the state of meditation. it occurs.

Many methods of meditation are used to control the buildings. In which the witnessing sense is meditated means to observe one’s own work self. While doing any work, keeping yourself separate and observing your work is called witnessing meditation. 

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