Tips to remove anger from meditation 1

what is anger

Anger is a mental state that makes us feel lost in mental balance for certain periods. Anger is a mental disorder. The mind, body, and soul, disturb all three. In other words, anger is madness that lasts as long as we can renew our conscience.

 Due to the presence of anger

There are many reasons for the presence of anger. Anger is negative energy. The following are the major reasons for the presence of anger.

  1. Nurturing Negative Thoughts
  2. Living in a negative environment
  3. No knowledge of truth and untruth
  4. To depend on desires
  5. Physical weakness
donot be anger be cool
  1. Nurturing Negative Thoughts

Treating negative thoughts as useful and true. Promotion of negativity is one of the reasons why anger arises.The key components of negative thought are

  1. Reduction
  2. Pride
  3. Craving for collection of physical objects


Greed refers to wishing for something that is not ours or trying to acquire something that is out of our reach. Therefore, greed is a major cause of anger arising due to non-receipt of the desired object of anger.


Pride means to be omnipotent and to be the best. There is very little difference between pride and self-confidence. Abhimaan means I am the most powerful, while self-confidence implies that I am also powerful.

I am not weak. There is a comparison of pride, while there is a feeling of equality in self-confidence. Achievement of anger is a feeling of self-confidence.

3.Craving for collection of material goods

The attachment of excessively emotional items causes anger. Collecting things is insanity and anger is also insanity. Both are related to each other.

  1. Living in a negative environment.

A negative environment means a lack of knowledge. Where uneducated people have a lot, the negative environment is produced automatically. Being in a negative environment, including anger, wash away the negative soul, in spite of not wanting in our mind.

3. No knowledge of truth and untruth

Truth means natural law is the inverse of natural law. The universe is in a rhythm or a saying rhythm. The universe operates under a smooth system. Adherence to the law is true following the law.

Every element in the universe has two floors. If it is true, it is false, it is the beginning and the end. If there is a soul there is a mind. Life is death. Therefore, if the laws of nature are true, then contrary to the laws of nature is untrue.

the anger

Therefore, to know and not to know the law is not to know the truth and untruth. By following the truth, satisfaction and falsehood are followed by anger and incontinence.

  1. To depend on desires

Lack of control over desires is the root of all negativity. Anger ceases by mere control of desiresThis negative element is of the mind.

5.Physical weakness

Physical weakness means anger arises from the body being unhealthy or the opposite is also true, that is, the body is unwell due to anger. Hence anger body, soul, mind is harmful for all three.

Ways to recover from anger

Why does anger happen? After knowing what is honey with anger, we would like to know that we should stay away from it. There are two ways to get rid of it

1. yoga

2. meditation


Yoga means to connect, that is, yoga is the art of connecting body and mind, mind and soul. Yoga keeps the body healthy, healthy body has a wash of a healthy mind. The soul remains healthy with a healthy mind.

As described in the above sentence, one reason for anger is the weakening of the body, that is, unhealthy. Therefore, there is yoga to make the head healthy, which is also beneficial for the health of the mind. .


Actions like Pranayama are useful in sowing anger. Navel pranayama is a beautiful remedy to calm anger.

2.deep breathing

Taking out deep breathing is a yoga practice that is very beneficial for mental disorders like anger.

3 sattvic food

There is a saying in Hindi that “you have food as your mind become like”, that is, satvik food is also useful in controlling anger.

4.Sattvik mating

In today’s fast-paced life, sex is a luxury, while Satvik sex is a meeting place of yoga and meditation. It means that in sex both yoga and meditation are together. Material sex is fully capable of controlling anger. .


Meditation means being fully conscious, meditation is the process of being conscious. Meditation connects the mind to the soul and anger is a negative component of the mind, so full control of anger is possible with meditation.

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