The seven spiritual laws of success”gift of laws#1″

The seven spiritual laws of success

Here only The seven spiritual laws of success are not for only spiritual success. It is important from which point of view of success. According to my experience, knowing the truth of life is a success. Experience of spirituality is the key to life.

The definition of success is that a group of people around us live happily and lead a peaceful life. The environment around us greatly affects our lives. Therefore, the direct and indirect interest of our success is from groups of people around us.

The answer to the seven spiritual laws of success is that if we want to achieve lasting success in life, then we have to have the attitude of spirituality, the answer to every question of life can be obtained by spirituality.

The seven spiritual laws of success are also very helpful for success in achieving physical success. Therefore, irrespective of the spiritual or physical perspective, these seven spiritual rules are very relevant for success

By practicing them in life, there is definitely a success in the morning. The seven spiritual laws of success are the following for success.

the seven spiritual laws of successes

Rule of reliability

Faith has a very important place in life. reliability has an important role in success. We can achieve any success only when we believe in ourselves, confidence is the key to success. Self-confidence can be given a facelift by spiritual practice.

A revolutionary increase in self-confidence can be achieved through spiritual exercises such as Sankalpa. Small small resolutions like today I will greet ten people, by resolving to look in the same direction for ten minutes and carry it out.

Slowly taking big resolutions and maintaining it leads to a change and continuous increase in self-confidence. With the passage of time, it becomes easier to go into meditation also. When one becomes self-centered then individual groups will gain confidence.

Law is the second stage of dissolution. A person’s sense of faith arises from the physical language of a person.we can saw law of reliability is the first stage of the seven spiritual laws of success.

Rule of truth 

The truth statement has its own important place in both social and spiritual regrets. Every person has a question from those who speak the truth. The truth statement increases disbelief.

The truth statement makes it easy to avoid any type of mischief. In truth, there is no negative energy effect on the soul by saving the truth.

Hence the rule of truthfulness The Seven Spiritual Laws 0f success has an important place in success. The truth statement increases the resolve, the truth statement increases the happiness and the truth statement increases the attention and the truth statement increases the prosperity and this is the form of success.

Rules of Time Use

Time is the author of the universe. Time is true. Time is the creator. It is difficult to understand the effect of time. It is said that time is very powerful. Time makes a king a king, a person who is a visionary means a future, he achieves success in life.

Both of the above rules are very important, but the third rule also has an important place in the use of time. To achieve success in both spiritual or social fields, it is very important to have the art of using time. Success in both social and spiritual is the same.

the seven spiritual laws of success

One who attains time obeys time. There is very little chance of success by not adhering to time. Therefore, the seven primary rules of good use of rule time are a key element of success.

Rule of probability

Any success is necessary to achieve the task we are going to execute and there is a possibility of success.

If we are going to edit some methods of meditation, then it is very important to see how likely we are to get results from the method we are using. The right path, the right time, and the right method are highly likely to succeed.s

From the social point of view, if we want to achieve success in business, then the content of business in different areas is dependent on the possibility of a successful business.

In other words, the possibility is another form of success; impossible tasks and methods lead to failure.

 Law of  practicality

If any method is very complex, it is difficult to achieve success from it. Therefore, easy access to the system is a major component of success.

Whether it is social or spiritual work, the method of execution is successful only by the most accessible experimental method. 

The complicated method can lead to success for a person alone, but for collective success, it is necessary to have easy rules. Community success is the ultimate success.

Law of charity

The donation means selfless service, whether through money or work, helping an incapacitated person is very helpful in achieving success. Donation creates a sense of satisfaction and satisfaction brings ease of attention, satisfaction helps in the successful execution of all social and political communal activities.So the law of charity plays an important role in the seven spiritual laws of success.

Law of Karma

The ultimate and the main is karma. All the above-mentioned rules are the role to achieve success, which is the key. Karma is the result of an action.

It is a true truth that every action has a reaction, in the same way, every action results. Success is the mantra of success. By doing any work carefully and wholeheartedly, success is definitely achieved.

Karma is your identity. Work is immortal, but a person ceases, but his actions are always alive. The result of karma is always effective for a long time. Hence the law of karma is the most essential element of the seven spiritual laws of success.


The seven spiritual laws of success mean that success can be achieved in all the post-social social-political aspects of life by using spiritual methods. Above mentioned the seven spiritual laws of success are the key laws of life because spirituality is a part of life spirituality is part of success.


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