The secret of social security”idea of 21 century”

What is social security

The social system means that society gives recognition or proof to a particular person. Social security means to provide mental financial security to a person by society or to provide financial or mental support to a particular society by a social organization or the government of a state.

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Society means any caste persons or family groups. Society is necessary if we are in that state of life or in our physical state. But if we look at it from the perspective of spirituality then there is no infirmity of society or social security.

The meaning of Adhyatam is the knowledge of truth and the truth is that the soul never dies, only the body dies. We are the soul itself. If the soul does not die, if it is not there, then what is to be feared, what is the security. Why society.

 From the perspective of spirituality, a person achieves a lonely life and attains death alone. Hence the thinking of the person should be personal. The idea of ​​the person must be personal. Because a person’s problem is personal. He has to fight the problem himself. 


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But when it comes to the common man, society and social system becomes important. When we discuss the common person, there is a lack of society for the person. Because there are people of different types of personality in the society.

There are two types of hits in society. Aggressive and protective. The person who is of protective tendency will have the protection of the person with the aggressor. That is why the social security system has its characteristics.

Social security provided by the political leadership

Endeavor: Social security is provided by the political leadership through the medium of schemes for backward and socially weaker sections in the society.

But the benefits of this scheme do not reach the lower lining or the effect of these schemes reach the lower lining altogether.

The scheme of social security provided by the political leadership is motivated to achieve political vested interests. The meaning of politics today is self-fulfilling self-fulfillment or power recovery. Its example is full of history.

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The social system is an important component of politics. Politics means a policy of rule, that is, a policy that provides social security to the lowest level group of the state.

The only goal of the spiritual philosophy is that all human beings want socio-economic values. Whatever topic may be strengthened. Following is the list of schemes offered by Indian govt.

  1. pradhan Mantri Jan Dhan yojana.(PMJDY)

This is some scheme governed by the Indian government for Indian people .each country government provides scheme like this according to the country problems.

Social Media’s contribution to social security

The abundance of material resources in modern society cannot be ignored. The communication medium has brought a revolutionary change in the speed of information exchange to humans. Social media can be used very effectively for social security. Social media is also being used for social security.

Social media can be used to implement social security schemes effectively at a lower level. If social security schemes are not being implemented at the lower level, then social media can be reported to millions of people at the same time. It can be transported using.

Use of communication media.

Both types of personalities are done by people. Disruptive powers are increasingly using the Sicilian media to propagate their ideas. Similarly, the creative person is also spreading his flaws through the Sicilian media.

The number of viewers of his creations and ideas also increases infinitely. The number of viewers of both ideas is countless. The reason is that our thinking is the same.

The thinking of the world is visible to us. And we wish the same world. That is why an equal flow of negative and positive thoughts is visible on the Sicilian media.

Negative and positive disorders are born due to the influence of the environment around the person. If we provide a positive environment to the child in childhood, then the child will do some work in life or if he is in any position, his thoughts will always be positive.

Social security concept

The concept of a social system is a natural concept. Purpose: This concept is prevalent among all kinds of animals, be it animals or birds, whether it is a kit kite or a tree plant.

Whatever be the organism, the armor of social security remains on this earth. Every creature who is alive on the earth. Everyone prefers to live in groups. So it can be said that the concept of social security is a natural concept.

In response to the opposition and curb of the original ideas, a new community is born. Country and state are created. But the problem continues to be born.

Therefore, we need to build a society so that the fundamental ideas are protected. The arrangement should be made and it is received daily. Everyone is interested in Ishii.

Some dark ideas of the concept of society

There is no doubt that society is helpful to the individual but it also has some negative aspects. As there is a concept in science that every action is reacted. Likewise, the social concept is that something has to be lost to get lost. 

One negative aspect of the concept of the social system is that the basic ideas of the individual are not easily supported. Efforts for security: We have to follow the ancient ideas by society. Individuals have to sacrifice personal freedom.


It is the fundamental right of every weak person. And the fundamental of every political leadership duty. The progress of any progressive group can be determined by the system of it is given to each person of that group.

While providing social security, it should be taken care of the fact that the system provided does not have any political influence and the system should not have any negative effect.

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