The manner is goal of life” a gift of spirituality 3″

What is the  meaning of the manner

The manner is a reflection of our thinking which is displayed in our everyday activities through our style of work. The manner is our rite we get from our parents and family. The manner is our form. Movement is the mirror of our hearts. The manner shows the main form of our heart.

Type of the manner

 Good behavior: –

The meaning of a good manner is just to make life happy. Good conduct means that the activity should help both us and the society to remain happy and happy.

 Bad behavior:

About the manner means an activity that makes society unhappy and unhappy. And if the society is unhappy and unhappy then the person can never be happy and happy.


the manner
the manner is the goal of life

Effect of the manner in personal life

 The manner has a profound effect on our lives. The manner is the main part of our relationship. Movement determines our enemies and friends. Movement determines the environment around us.

 Who is our friend, who is our enemy? Who is our best friend? How is the person around us? If our manner is good, then our number of friends will be more. Everyone will always want to establish a good relationship.

 But if our manner is not good, then our number of enemies will be more. No one is interested in establishing a relationship

The associate element of the manner

The manner is a reflection of our thought education and our soul. Movement is an element of our values. It is through our the manner that we know what education we have received. Hence some practical guidelines to keep the manner at the highest level-

True speech

The key element of conduct is to speak a true speech, that is, to speak truth always. A true speech gives us confidence in society. Faith leads to many beneficial conditions.

Honey behavior- 

Soft behavior is a key element of good behavior. Whatever a person’s desire is, people should have the same attitude towards him. By soft behavior, a person can answer in the heart of any person. soft behavior is beneficial in every way.

Trustworthy Personality

Trusting the above elements automatically establishes a credible personality. This gives a lot of benefits to society and Swam.

Virtuous life-

Virtuous life means a lack of craving in life. There should not be adultery in life. The value of all the above properties ceases. Only fornication present.


the manner
the manner is most important for our life

The behavior of the manner and redress of some earth

 Everybody praises good the manner. All religions all organizations talk about the good manner. But at different places, in different religions, the same action, same rule, same wrong is right. While the truth is true in every situation.

The reason for this is that we have limited behavior or the manner of religion to the extent of only preachings and discussions. We explain religion and policies according to our convenience.

 I tell this through a story. Once a blind person had to go somewhere in the night. His friend said, take the lantern with you. The blind person replied, I am blind, what is the need of a lantern. His friend said this is not for you, it is for who is not blind for him. The blind person walked with a lantern and after walking away, he collided with another person. The blind person asked what happened, did my lantern figure out. The other person replied. I also have a lantern but I am blind.

Story sense

The meaning of the story is that everyone has good ideas. Everyone has good rules and policies. But in practice, it is not followed. The manner does not become good with thoughts, conduct should be practiced.

 Practices are practiced by yoga. Yoga means yoga. The body and soul have to be uniform, that the body functions according to the instructions of the mind. And the mind always opposes the body. Man’s nature is opposite to the body. But the body works only on the instructions of the mind.

The task of yoga is to work on the body’s instructions. Yoga works to connect the soul and body. Conduct will be practical only through yoga. Thoughts are not a part of the mind. It can never be family.


A person is intoxicated, he knows that this intoxication is harmful to him, but he cannot quit. Because his mind will ask for drugs. There is only one reason if there will be feelings of grief and indifference in the mind, then if the grief is there, then the mind will direct the drunk and for its prevention.

 The solution is to end the misery and try to be happy. And as long as the mind is functioning, there will be sorrow. If it is sad, it will be destroyed. The mind can be made inactive by yoga and meditation. And its behavior can be practiced. This is the only solution.

 Good behavior is the only goal of life

 The only goal of life is the correct attitude. The manner is the purpose of life. We do not need to follow the path given by anyone. The other way may be right for him according to that time. But it may not be for us or in the present.

 I do not go to the temple or church. I do not offer Namaz or Bible. I do not pray. So what happened. What is the harm? I do not cause anyone sorrow, it is important to me. Neither the temple nor the temple.

 The greatest guru or greatest religion, temple, mosque church, is our own experience. Jesus said that we should not treat others in a way that we do not like. We should behave with others that we expect from others.


Life is meaningful only when our behavior is pure and good. In this universe, everything has its own purpose. Without the purpose, nature has not created anything.

 The only purpose of man is the right behavior. Not that if life was to live anyway, then death would be why life would happen.

   Everyone knows that death is true, but we keep running from death. They go to any extent for physical matters. Everything has to remain here after death. Your mold goes with you. Your sense. Our goal is spiritual knowledge.



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