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How to have spiritual knowledge?

How to be spiritual knowledge? To know this, we need to know what is spirituality? Spirituality is the way to get inside, spirituality is the way to know oneself

Asked your question how to get spiritual knowledge, are you ready to know Swam, then you have to eradicate Swam, I will have to erase it. Will have to go inside.

Now, you feel happy that how to erase oneself is the most difficult way to erase oneself. We have become so absorbed in material life that we have become so immersed in the outside (material world) that the inner path has become narrow, how to reach inside.

It is very difficult to turn from the physical truth to the spiritual truth. But only to believe that the physical truth is half-truth is mortal, it is worth ending and then the path will be easier.

spiritual gift

Then you are ready to walk towards stagnation, then you are ready to erase yourself. An unconventional joy is ready to be experienced. Ready to achieve spirituality.

But if you consider the physical world to be true, if you are proud that my power is immortal then it will be very difficult to walk this path. Now let’s come to your original question How to get spiritual knowledge

When you are ready to end your self, you will have to find ways to achieve the original truth. You have to find the master. Gurus have to be identified. It is very strange to know the status of the Guru. He is very happy to recognize the Guru. Because as is, as people think it looks like another’s an image.

I want to describe an incident. Once a young man was attracted to Adayatam, he started searching for the Guru, he was walking on the path. An elder found sitting under a tree, the young man asked the old man, I am looking for a Guru, can you help me?

The old man replied in search. He will be 50 years old and will be seated under a tree. It will have a sharp white beard on its face.

The youth gained further recognition. Very searched mountain plain register. His age had also increased while searching, but it was very difficult to find a master and not found a master, and it was even more difficult to identify in this way.

Returning to meet the old man again, and what he sees is the old man he was looking for. Very surprised. Having received Guru, but the Guru could not recognize the time when he was very young and had to work in vain.

So unless there is a small ray, it is difficult to find a closed path. To recognize a Guru is the inventor of vision. When a Jyoti {light} is burnt in the heart, then there is a way forward.

 How to increase spiritual power?

After attaining the initial state, there is an increase in half-strength, that is, to achieve the condition that Buddha attained. That is the attainment of Budhutva.

There are many ways to achieve Budhutva. One of them is the word Sannyas, the word Sannyas means very big. Only a person can achieve a state of retirement. The state of renunciation is that state.

Where the physical world is disturbed. There is a state of renunciation where we are not only the doers, but we are the spectators of the natural doers.

Path to recovery


  1.  Care
  2.  Yoga
  3.  Knowledge
  4.  Policy life

this element is source of spiritual power.

What is true spirituality?

The word true spirituality is wrong. Where there is truth, it is spirituality. Truth is spirituality. To attain the state where we are common is the same state as spirituality. Truth and spirituality complement each other. Now we understand it with the help of material life.

There is no false spirituality .false is the physical element. spirituality is the truth. every physical creation will destroy its truth. THE knowledge of this truth is spirituality. Ignorance of this truth is not spirituality.

Economic religious political and spiritual factors affecting the direction of life Freckle

What is the meaning of the direction of life? There is no direction of life from a spiritual perspective, nor does spirituality mean stagnation, that is, there is no effect on the changes in life

That is, to lose the sense, to be a form in any state. Spirituality is the absence of all kinds of emotions when there is no emotion when there is a pause.

What kind of effect then. What kind of direction. When you stay, then you become clean, then you do not do anything. Spirituality brings stagnation in life. Spirituality frees all subjects

The economic situation must have an impact on life. Being half-hearted does not mean that physical substances do not have a presence in life.

There are infirmities of the physical body. It is necessary to be fulfilled. Superabundance means to enjoy material things while being unjust.

There are three floors in our life, physical body, mind, and soul. The body is the possession of physical objects. Spirituality does not say that physics should be discarded.

But the most telling is that there should be no raga, no attachment should be done without craving for the material. It is unnecessary to give the cast to the body.

Meaning is of great importance for running a worldly life. Economic life is insecure of the body and one has to live life by separating both of the most souls.  the political life and spiritual life are not combined.

The effect of political work is on the entire society, on the physical form, because the highest rhythm of society is politics. In short, spirituality got my whole life travel.

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