sadness”how to leave it #3″

What is sadness

Sadness is a mental state that disturbs the mind. sadness is caused by the opposite result of the desired state of mind. sadness and happiness are both feelings of the mind.

Happiness is the basis of the mind, mind is due to the presence of emotions. If there is no emotion then there is no emotion. sadness is a mental disorder. Grief is an element of the illusion of the mind.

Sadness is the result of our wrong actions; It is a true statement that wrong actions result in the wrong. The law of science is the response of every action, in the same way, every action results in wrong actions; So misery is the result of misdeeds.

Grief is part of a vengeful task. The result of a vengeful act is sorrow. In this universe, there are two axis work which is the nature of Tamasic and Satvik Tamasik is the element of darkness. Satvik will follow the Satvik will give pleasure to follow the Tamasik. The choice depends on whom to follow.


Why it hurts

The only reason for sorrow is the practice of vindictive actions. The only reason for vindictiveness is the only reason for sorrow. We, humans, are also a strange class.

Our work choices are different, the desire for results is different. We do the work that we think it is easy that does not happen and wants the result which in our view gets the hard work.

For example, we lie which we find easy, which we do not do, and the result is that we say the truth that we find difficult.

Therefore, the main reason for sadness is a lack of coordination in the choice of work and desire for results. I know why lies are hard and the truth is easy.

In order to follow a lie once it has to be executed repeatedly because many lies have to be done to hide a lie. Finally, the truth has to be revealed.

So the lie which was initially easy is a really difficult path. And the truth What was difficult in the beginning is really easy.Tamasikta is the component of the mind of the Satvikta soul. Emotion arises due to the mind.

Avoidance of suffering

The only way to avoid sorrow is to follow the light. Discharge of Sattvikta The practice of spirituality is the constant practice of yoga and meditation, which helps in removing grief.

The only way to overcome sorrow is to block the functioning of the mind, ie, to disable the existence of the mind. The only way to make the mind inactive is meditation and yoga. Yoga helps in preparing the mind and body for meditation.

And meditation helps in ending the functioning of the mind and in interviewing the soul. Once the soul is interviewed, emotion and mind have no meaning. There is no use of emotions. After the soul comes there is no existence of emotion Not only survives

Difference between vindictiveness and nobleness and reasons for the choice

vindictiveness  is the property of darkness. The meaning of darkness is that the excess of negativity is the two components of nature. Positiveness is the companion of negative negativity. Happiness, greed are the result of these qualities, a feeling of unrest is produced.

The choice of vengeance is because the modern lifestyle is more fascinated with matter, the lack of moral education in early life is the main reason for communal organizations not being religious but political.


Nobleness is the property of light. Nobleness is a component of positive energy. Nobleness means the selection of positive energy of nature. That is, to work for construction is to support the truth. Nobleness means following spiritualism, following a religion is nobleness.

How to overcome sorrow in life

The sorrows of life can be overcome by meditation and practicing yoga. A quality is developed that leads to an increase in the seventh house in life. To exit from a sorrow state, it is necessary to don’t give more importance to money.



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