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Rakshabandhan festival

Rakshabandhan is a famous festival in India which is celebrated by Indian people. It would not be an exaggeration to call Bharatvarsha a country of twins. Every month in India, a fast is celebrated with great pomp. The festival of Rakshabandhan is one of them.

Rakshabandhan is a festival to show the importance of the sacred and unbreakable relationship between brother and sister. On this day, the sister wishes to keep her brother alive by tying Raksha Sutra on her brother’s wrist and to support and protect the brother and sister in all circumstances. Gives promise

Rakshabandhan is a festival to show the importance of the sacred and unbreakable relationship between brother and sister

Rakshabandhan Muhurt 2020

On the occasion of Purnima on the wealth of the month of Shravan Purnima, on August 3, Rakshabandhan as a Muhurta.

 Rakhi tying time: from 09:27:30 to 21:11:21

 Duration: 11 hours 43 minutes

 Raksha Bandhan pm Muhurta: 13:45:16 to 16:23:16

 Raksha Bandhan Pradosh Muhurta: 19:01:15 to 21:11:21

Importance of Rakshabandhan

If you talk about the best relationship in the world, then the brother and sister relationship is also one of them. A few fidget in brother sister’s relationship, there is a feeling of little quarrel. In Indian culture, siblings have an important place.

There is no way or love without fear or selfishness. In the siblings’ way, both of them have a high degree of fulfillment, that’s why only the siblings have the same amount of theatricality. We fight, but we cannot fight without each other, otherwise,

we are unable to deal with those who fight with our rights because our negative energy flow of aggression goes out without any loss so that we feel peace Raksha Bandhan is small but in that absence, it does not find a way to emit negative energy.

Rakshabandhan is a symbol of this close relationship of brother-sister, so Raksha Bandhan is very important in Indian culture. This festival is celebrated all over India. goes.

The popular story about Rakshabandhan

In the subject of Rakshabandhan, there are three stories about its safety and one story is prevalent in the Mughal period which is as follows.

Legend number 1

According to the legend mentioned in the Puranas, the great king Prahlada, the great king, descended from Bali, performed a yajna to gain victory over the three worlds, fearing that Indra, the king of heaven, went to Lord Vishnu and prayed to protect us from the might of Lord King Bali.

Accepting the prayer of Lord Vishnu Indra, taking the form of a dwarf Brahmin and going to King Bali, and requested him to donate, King Bali was Danveer, so he accepted the request of God, although the demon Guru Shukracharya tried to stop the sacrifice but promised the sacrifice God had asked for three feet of alms.

Lord Vishnu took a huge form and measured the earth and all of the earth in two steps. For the third step, Bali put forth his forehead. It is said that Lord Vishnu is pleased with the sacrifice of sacrifice. Ho gave it to the Hades for sacrifice and asked the sacrifice to ask for a boon.

The sacrifice requested God to live with him, which God accepted. Goddess Lakshmi started living alone because Lord Vishnu resided in Patal Lok. And Narada started feeling sad Pokemon suggested to him.

According to which Laxmi ji changed to disguise and went to Patal Lok and told Bali that I have no brother, Bhai accepted making Bhai Bhai.

Mata Lakshmi made Bhai a brother by tying a protective thread to her wrist. Mother Lakshmi asked God to ask for a gift from Lakshmi. It is said that since then the festival of Raksha Bandhan has been started.

Story number 2

It is said that the Gods were suffering heavy losses in the Devasur Sangram, when the wife of Dev Indra said that Swami Kaal is the date of the month of Saavan, so this day you go to Yudh Bhoomi with the help of a Brahmin to get the defense formula.

It is said that Raksha Bandhan was conquered by Raksha Kavach. Hence Rakshabandhan is also called the festival of Brahmins.

Legend number 3

This story is related to the Mahabharata, according to the legend, Shishupala opposed this when Hritinapur was divided into two parts by Ghritarashtra and the establishment of Indraprastha kingdom by the Pandavas and elected Krishna’s first priest in the coronation of Yudhishthira. Shishupala,

who was the son of Krishna’s Buva and Krishna had promised Buva to pardon Shishupala for a hundred mistakes. Shishupala is killed by Sudarshan Chakra of Pakshata Krishna to fulfill the limit of hundred years in the assembly, Krishna’s finger is cut off when Sudarshan Chakra comes back,


according to the legend, Draupati is bound to Krishna’s finger with her clothes. Is also a symbol of Rakshabandhan. That is when Krishna promises Draupati that in every stage he will protect Draupadi.

Historical legend number 4

The kingdom of Chittor was invaded by the Muslim kings, the legend is that the Mughal ruler, sent by the Mughal ruler Humayun with the fear of being threatened by Maharani Karnavati Bahadur Shah and prayed for protection, was defeated by Humayun by defeating the brave Shah in the war. The carpet is a symbol of Rakshabandhan.


The festival of Raksha Bandhan is the festival of brother and sister. It is the symbol of the love of brother and sister. The festival of Raksha Bandhan is celebrated on the full moon day of the month of Saavan. The festival of Raksha Bandhan is a major festival of Sanatan culture.

Brother and sister relationship is a very naughty and loving relationship. relationship between Krishna and dropati is a spiritual and holy relationship. Krisana has delivered his promises when the activity dropati vastra Haran is performed by  Duryodhana brother dushashan.

Krishna display himself as vastra and keep the value of his promises. This is a very POWERFUL example of the relationship between brother and sister. So we will say that the rakhi festival has much importance in Indian culture. 

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