past life regression”a bonus of meditation#1″

What is past life regression?

Past life regression is an Indian cultural concept. The followers of Sanatan Dharma hold that death takes place after birth and birth takes place after death. Past life regression is the tantric activity invented by Indian mystics through which we can travel past our past lives.

Those practicing meditation and spirituality are well aware of the effects of mental power. Samohana is also an action by mental power. The execution of the past life regression is also an action to be performed by the Tantric method of grouping.

Is past life regression real

Past life regression is real because when we obey the law of science which says that energy never ends, it is also true that the soul also never dies, but its transfer from one body to another.

Many people do not accept this concept but it is true. Many spiritual actions are such that it is not possible to give proof of the result because it is the subject matter of the experience and the experience is not demonstrated. How can you demonstrate that you are happy?

You can feel yourself how you can give proof of your pain. The practice of these subjects is spirituality. This subject is a matter of the soul. Therefore, one can feel the past life regression as one who experiences it.

Past life regression experience and age restriction

To experience past life regression it is essential to be spiritually powerful. Past life experiences can be beneficial as well as detrimental to the spiritual person.

The illusion of the past life is beneficial in every way. Past life regression has been invented by the mystics only to increase the activity of ideality, the spiritual person enters the past life.

One can overcome the obstacles to attain nirvana by tax and also get answers to the questions of life’s purpose experimentally. He can review life correctly and understand death and life’s interest.

But for a person who is purely worldly or on the first step on the spiritual path, the experience of past life regression has a negative effect. The negative side effect of past life experiences can also have a negative effect on a person’s present life.

Spoke someone is very religious and in the past life, if he does not work in a profession which is not a release which is against his main personality, then his present life will be badly affected.

A woman who is aristocratic and has indulged in prostitution activities in the past life will have a negative attitude in her present life. She cannot forget this negative aspect of her whole life.

Therefore, past life regression also has negative effects, that is why nature has limited storage of memory. Memory makes life difficult if it is a bad experience. The technique of Past Life Regression is the following.

Rainbow “method

Since past life is not a method of regression for ordinary human beings, many modern and material science streams of common man do not give it a wish, but for the spiritual practitioners and the curious who wants to know the past life, Rainbow The method was invented.

The method is as follows: A person should lie down comfortably and leave the body loose as comfortably as possible. If you are more comfortable in the sitting position then you can sit comfortably. After this, close your eyes and pay attention to the flow of thoughts that occur in the mind.

Continuous inspection of thoughts stops the flow of thoughts, we try to stop the flow of thoughts. Stress brings relief to both body and soul. It is not difficult, but if it works for the first time, it is a really difficult process.

 When the flow of thoughts stops, a stagnation arises in your existence. A saintly atmosphere arises, an emptiness is created, this stage in your existence can be uncomfortable and scary. I will abandon the thoughts which I considered to be pride.

The mind, which had understood its existence, would fear that the property would be frightened. But by constant effort, fear will be eradicated and peace will be felt.

When this state is attained, then the direction of meditation should be directed towards the soul within you. When the mind becomes aware of its object state, it helps to establish a relationship with the soul. Once the connection is established, efforts should be made to go into the memory of the departed soul.

Slowly going into the soul’s memory with constant effort will bring a stage that you can enter your past life. This method is called the Rainbow method. This method advanced version and a part of the meditation technique . The  RAINBOW method or practice of past life regression is a type of meditation.  


When you have created the fact that we have to do regression in the past, then it is necessary to keep in mind that it is practiced in the presence of a trained person

If you are a woman, a trainer and if you are a man, then the instructor Women should be so that when you are in a state of pregnancy, these opposite sex will help you to come back to a normal state. When you are practicing this process, then the continuous activities of breathing are necessary to continue. is.


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Past life regression therapy is a spiritual action used to solve spiritual complications. It should be practiced only for the growth of spiritual energy, and should not practice God for curiosity. So be careful when going to practice past life regression activity because it’s not as simple as normal exercise.  

It is a matter of meditation, not a matter of social activity it is part of spirituality. I will suggest you fast you should know about meditation then diced to perform these types last I want to be spiritual be happy. happy spirituality, be careful.


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