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What is passion

Passion is an emotional state of mind that motivates a person to do a task repeatedly in any state without imagining the result. passion can also be called the state of self-motivation. When there is a feeling of passion for a good purpose, it gives positive results.

To say that passion is a mental perversion is the feeling of the mind. The result of the feeling of the mind gives radiated fruit. In spirituality, the mind is a hindrance in achieving sovereignty, so there is no positive result of the natives born through the mind.

But in social life, the join can be used for active work. After attaining the fullness of the spiritual, the mind becomes extinct. Even in the absence of the mind, work can be done without even imagining the result. But it is not passion and self-motivation means work directed by the soul.

Passion is a mental disorder

Junoon is negative energy in which there is a feeling of instability, imperfections, as a result of which a person stubbornly does some work which we can call Junoon. Junoon always has negative work which results in negative. The person may be successful in work that is beneficial for him, but ultimately the result will be negative.

Self Motivation Motivational Elements

The self-motivation is verbal energy in which a person consciously sets out the work in a conscious mental state in a stable state. The work that is performed consciously for fear of unintended consequences is executed by self-motivation. Self Motivation is a sign of spirituality.

After attaining an extreme state of meditation, there is no fear nor worry, only the dedication to perform the task remains. In the extreme state of mind, the mind becomes stable, so the person lives life as a drama character. A person is a means rather than a means, is a character of karma.


How to improve self-motivation

Self Motivation can be increased by resolution. Sankalpa means determination before the execution of a task, and after that, the execution of that work in any stage is called Sankalpa.

It is not necessary that the resolution should be taken for big and it can be started by small or small resolution. You can pledge that you will keep looking in the mirror for 10 minutes and can complete this task.

I believe that even 10 minutes will be difficult for you. The reason is that the mind is unstable and 10 minutes will make it hard for the mind, this is the change of mind. But this work can be done. Slowly you can take big resolutions and fulfill them.

Self Motivation can be achieved only through willpower. Sankalpa is a process of meditation by which meditation can be conquered.

Symptoms of people with a passion

It is difficult to identify a person who is obsessed, even an ordinary person can be obsessed. People with passion have a concentrated, solitary personality. A self-motivated person is also like a passionate person.

Passion and Self Motivation are words with similar meaning, the difference is only that Self Motivation is conscious. The passion is through unstable cheetah.

Benefits of passion

Tiring Self-Motivation is the element that gives the person the energy to work continuously. Self Motivation is the source of inspiration for a person, to be honest about his work.

Self Motivation is the passion that has given recognition to the failed all-time Abraham Lincoln as the successful President of America one day. A self-motivated person can easily do the impossible.

In the end, it would be correct to say that passion is a recurring flow of thoughts in which a person is motivated to make that idea work.

The primary symptom of passion is the anxiety of doing some work. Thoughts flow repeatedly in the mind, which gives rise to the heart. Therefore, it is not obsessive to become self-motivated.

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