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Nag Panchami puja

Nag Panchami Puja is very popular during the Bharata year. Nag Panchami is worshiped on Skal Panchami of the month of Saavan.

On this day, Nagas are worshiped by milk in India. On this day it is a practice not to dig up the land, which is inhabited by land. No harm to the serpent

Nag Panchami

Reasons for the worship of Nag Panchami

If we look at the reason for the worship of the serpents from the perspective of modern mental science, then whatever thing we are afraid of, we either think of ending that item or Juve or we consider it as auspicious or revered.

But by rinsing the pages of Indian weapons we get some more knowledge. We all know that in the service of two gods, Mahesh Dev and Vishnu Dev, two serpent Vasuki, Lord Vishnu, and Takshak Nag, Lord Shiva are constantly striving.

Apart from these two serpents, Kalia Nag, Ghritarashtra Nag, Manibhadrak, Airavat, Karkotak, Dhananjaya The law of worship of the named serpents is on the date of Nag Panchami.

There is a story that once a farmer plows an egg of a snake, upon seeing it, the serpent begins to mourn. Later, when she is silent, she vows to kill the farmer’s family, leaving the farmer’s daughter.

In the night, the daughter of the farmer kills the whole family of the daughter who is in the courtyard to go to kill the serpent, then the daughter of the farmer presents the cow’s milk to the serpent and starts apologizing by folding his hands, which causes the serpent to question.

Resurrects the farmer’s family. This date is on the fifth day of the bright fortnight of the month of Savan, since then the festival of Nag Panchami is celebrated.

The second thing is that Sheshnag’s birthday is on the day of Nag Panchami and Kaliya Nag was born by Krishna to the day of Nag Panchami. Was.

As if from the point of view of science, India is an agricultural country, because the farms are protected by snakes or serpos because many kinds of harmful organisms are destroyed by snakes.

To thank them, the date for the worship of the nagas has been fixed, the cultivation begins in the month of Shravan, due to the rains, therefore Nagpanchami is celebrated in the Sawan Mash.

History of serpents in condition

According to the ancient Puranas, there was a Hrishi residing in the present Indian state of Kashmir, whose name was Kashyap, whose wife was Vinita and Kadru, with the blessings of Kashyap Hrishi, 1000 Naga sons were born from Kadru, whose main names are respected.

1 eternal remaining serpent

2 vasuki

2 guards

3 cuttack

4 padam

5 mahadam

6 conch

7 Kulik


Anant Nag district of Kashmir is also named after Anant Vashuki, Vinita had two sons, Varun and Garun, both the brothers of Lord Vishnu, Garun and Nag are half brothers but both of them have a child because Garun and Varuna’s mother Vinita is the mother of nagas.

Kadru became a maid because of the curse of Varuna’s first son Varun.

nag panchami

Naag Shrestha Sheshnag

Kesru’s first son Sheshnag is very powerful and full of wisdom, he is the best among the serpents. Legend has it that Kashyap, suffering from the torture of Hrishya’s second wife Vinata and his son, Sheshnag Ji left towards the forest to do penance.

Seeing his severe austerity, Bramha Ji appeared and asked for the reason for austerity. Brahma Ji was told the whole agony. Brahma Ji has said that Sheshnag Ji is the best in strength and wisdom, so you should wear the earth which always vibrates on its own bed since then the earth is stable on Sheshnag ji’s fun.that’s why Indians celebrate Nag Panchami as festival.

King of serpents Vasuki

After the elder brother’s departure, Vasuki was enthroned as the king of the serpents, but due to the curse of Bramha Ji, the abode of the Nagas became infested, which was once broken by Nango and came to earth.

Brahma Ji ordered Garun Ji to go and punish the serpents, after seeing the confederation of serpents by Garun Ji, Vashuki Ji challenged Garun Ji.

There was a fierce battle between Garunji and Vashuki Ji. After seeing the defeat of Vashuki ji, he prayed to his adorable Lord Shiva. Lord Shiva appeared, seeing whom, Lord Krishna also called upon Lord Vishnu, both Lord Vishnu, and Lord Shiva.

The war started, Vishnu God pacified Shiva and said that all this Leela has been done by me for the welfare of the world because Shiva had gone to Samadhi after Mother Sati’s departure, it was necessary to awaken them to operate the universe. .

Shiva Ji was very happy after knowing about the events of Sari, and embraced Vashuki from his neck since then Vashuki remains in the neck of Lord Shiva.

Story of Garun riding Lord Vishnu

With the blessings of Kashyapa Hrishti, Kadru gave birth to a thousand snake eggs and Vineeta gave birth to two eggs. A thousand snakes soon came out of Kadru’s eggs, but no creature came out of Vita’s eggs, seeing that Vineeta gave her an egg.

Owing to which a semi-developed bird Varun was born, due to which Varun Ji cursed his mother that she would become the maid of Vimata Kadru, Vinita became unhappy after hearing the curse of her son, Varun did not see mother’s sorrow.

He said that if my brother did not boil the eggs till it is fully developed, then it would be liberated from the curse of God by saying that Varun Ji flew towards the sky and became the charioteer of the chariot of the sun. The morning redness is of Varun Ji. After some time Garun Ji was born.

Knowing the reason for Dasha’s cause, Naji asked the mothers to get rid of the stones. The serpent demanded nectar, so Garunji attacked Indralok and brought the nectar, Vishnu was happy to see that even after having the nectar in his hand, there is no temptation to drink the nectar of Garun, so he appeared in front of Garun and boon.

Asked for the demand, Garun Ji said that I should always live in your flag, after that, Garun Ji said that you also ask for a boon from us. Vishnu Ji asked for a boon to Garun for his vehicle Hobe, since then Vishnu ji’s vehicle is Garun.


India is an agricultural country and the utility of serpents is essential in agriculture, so there is a system of worship of serpents on the day of Nag Panchami. There is a description of Nag Vans in our history as well.

The concept of worship of Nag Panchami has been going on since the Vedic era. Nag Panchami is also worshiped in India due to the description of Nagpanchami in the Puranas.

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