Meaning of meditation” A gift for 2020″

Meaning of meditation” A gift for 2020″

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Meaning of meditation 


What is the meaning of meditation? Meditation is the process of dissolving the ego. Meditation is the way to spread the mind. Meditation is the process of going from outside to inside. meaning of meditation is erasing the mind. 

The meaning of meditation is to eliminate thoughts and subdue thoughts. The process of removing mental disorders, fulfilling worldly urges, is the meaning of meditation. But do not fight with thoughts, but separate from thoughts, only to observe thoughts.

The idea itself will disappear.  In this post, we are talking about the meaning of meditation, the technique of meditation, part of meditation Now we will talk about the meditation floor.

The floor of meditation is predominantly three.

1 body

2 mind

3 soul


Meaning of meditation 


1 body- body is the first floor of the body. Even though we are not a body, the body is important for us because any action of the body is on our mind and soul. Therefore, the body has to be connected with man and soul.

The process of joining the soul and body is called yoga. To move towards meditation, the body has to be devoid of glands. Yoga helps in moving the body towards meditation.

2 Mind. The mind is the second floor of meditation. The mind is the main plane of meditation because it is not there but in reality, there is no existence of mind, the mind is just a shadow of soul. The mind is a body of spirit and soul.

You think that there is no existence, it is the middle of body and soul. Meditation means to dislodge this middle of body and soul. It is to be immersed but not by fighting and observing.

  3 soul-  

soal is the third floor of meditation. the soul is your identity soul is you are.


Elements of mind

 1 feeling –

The mind is a hallucination, that is, it has no existence but seems to be present. Many types of expressions help in this illusion. Emotion is a state of mind under the influence of which we do many negative and positive things. Being sisterless is meditation. Type of emotion

  There are many types of feelings.

1 desire – desire is a primary element of the mind’s mind. The desire for a position, desire for something, etc.

2-Grief-Grief- The reason for sorrow is not the wish-fulfillment. Desire is associated with emotion with Bhavna Man.grief is another aspect of happiness.

3 Anger – Anger is the origin of misery. When there is misery, anger is created.
4 happiness -happiness is another aspect of anger.

   The meaning of meditation is the immersion of emotions. Being devoid of mind is meditation.

   Type of meditation 

There are four types of meditation – 1. Seeing, 2. Hearing, 3. Taking confidence and 4. Close the eyes and focus on thinking silently.

 1 To see – To observe the events happening in the world in a good sense. You are doing something One is to work without any hos. One example is a worker breaking stone and his mind is set on his house.

You praise him, what are you doing? I am not seeing the stone. This is an example of working with disgust and if you are happy with other laborers then the answer comes.

I am helping to build the temple. But I am doing virtuous work, this is an example of purchasing consciously

 Working consciously is the best way

  1. Listening-                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        Hearing is also a kind of meditation, listening to someone in full consciousness is also a meditation. People listen even though they are angry. Meditation only means. Being conscious. Forgetting yourself in sweet music is the first step of meditation.

  3-self-                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   Breathing is basically part of the yoga. Many processes have been discovered by self-extinguishment. Mind condition can also be immersed by self-control.


4-Eyes closed –                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      Eyes are also a type of venting. In this form of wealth, one often observes the thoughts of blindfolded people in Yagig state. Is that all thoughts cease.


Difference between body and nature of mind-


There is a big difference between the body and the nature of the mind. There is a big difference between the desire for body and mind. There is a big difference between the desire of body and mind. They are opposed to each other.

The mind always demands a new approach. The body is always the demand of the old Chijou. If you eat only one type of food every day, then the mind will say that we should eat new types of food. If we do not, we will feel a sense of sadness.

 It is the nature of the body that always demands the old things. If you eat bread and vegetable food every day, then the body gets used to the same food, diseases are produced in the body due to consuming new hosana. Therefore, meditation is very important to reduce the presence of mind, because it will be helpful to take us to the soul.


Some techniques of meditation


Meaning of meditation  some technique of meditation



1 Zen Meditation


Zen meditation is primarily a Chinese and Japanese Buddhist meditation tradition. Many methods are used to strengthen the soul and neutralize the mind. We will explain this in another post.


2 Mantra meditation 


In this method, people chanting mantra-like om aamin, etc. people should Concentrate his mind on mantra .this is an old method od India

                                                                                                                                                                                3 Yoga meditation.

Just as there are many types of meditation, there are also many styles of yoga – especially Kundalini Yoga – which aim to strengthen the nervous system, so we are able to cope with everyday stresses and problems.

However, in order to integrate the neuromuscular changes that occur during yoga and get the greatest benefit from the practice, we must take time out for Respiration or Respiration to relax the body and relieve stress.


4.Vipassana meditation.


This money process is a self-cereal process, in which the breath has to be stopped from inside and stop and the mind has to concentrate on breathing.


5 Chakra Meditation.

Through this meditation, we are awakened to the bodies of our bodies each kundalini has different sources of energy. Whom we awaken to get perfection. It is an Indian ancient meditation process.


6 Qigong Meditation.

 It is an ancient Chinese meditation process in which your body has to increase body energy through various kinds of sports and move it towards the inner soul.


7 Sound bath meditation

   In this process, the mind has to focus attention on different types of sounds. Many types of musical instruments or melodious music can be used in Dhoni.


This is some method of meditation, you can also develop the process of meditation according to your desire and occupant.

Meditation has to go inside the main objective. The mind has become inferior. No matter what method we come.


Why meditation is important –


Meditation is necessary so that coordination can be established between the soul and body. Meditation is necessary so that your priority can be shifted from the exterior to the internal. Dies are necessary so that the mind can be accommodated to keep the distance from the manifestations of body and soul.

Yoga is helpful in keeping the body healthy. Meditation is helpful in ending the presence of the mind. Both complement each other.

 All the buildings of the mind are non-existent, it has no existence. All spirit is base and inferior. Man is nasal. Body and soul exist. The mind cannot be exhausted but can be dispelled. Just as the shadow of our body is present due to the light of the sun, similarly man is present due to the light of truth. Shadow is the form of darkness. Man is the form of untruth.  this is the meaning of meditation

The meaning of meditation is to go the inner side from outside.meaning of meditation is an exercise of mind for relaxation. The meaning of meditation is to express yourself without hesitation. this is all about the meaning of  meditation

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