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The love

The word love is used today as a synonym for attraction. Prem word is being used only to give a modern approach to lust. The word love is used nowadays to make lust an all-social acceptance.

The use of Bahubal and the use of information broadcasting medium is a social idea. With the help of the medium, an attempt to impose ideology in the minds of the common people is being attempted by a business person or political person.

Love of the Sabbath is also used by these people to serve their interests.


what is love?

Love is sacrifice, love is life, love is worship. Any two streams of two types of energy are supported in a selfless way. Consent is the love for having one of two opposite qualities.

When two opposite energies try to be one, then there is an explosion of energy by matching it. That is what we call unlimited joy. Realizing that energy is unlimited pleasure Gives a feeling of

But the union is not the goal. attachment is the key. Consent support. Consent to be consistent. Accepting each other’s differences. Milan is the result and the result is always in the future. Milan is not the goal, not the goal. Milan is the goal. There are selfishness and selfishness can never be love.

Difference between love and attraction

There are many examples of love if you attachment an animal or a bird, you will get the attachment in return. It is selfless love. There is no desire for any union or any selfishness in return, only support each other’s thoughts of each other. Support for activities. One of the main joys of other devils is attachment.


Attraction or attachment always comes from the opposite energy, virtue, or current. We all know that we are all incomplete and not complete. We wish that imperfection to fill that gap, our mind is always striving. This is the result of an attraction.

Or attachment but the body and mind that desires desire in it is the attraction. The fulfillment of desire increases continuously. The attraction is the effort of the mind and the mind always wishes for a new object, the same body wishes for the old thing. But both body and mind are continuous.

The same attachment is the effort of the soul, the self does not need absolution because the soul is true. The soul is God. The soul supports the opposite energy, not the desire for union. It is love. The soul accepts the existence of the opposite energy.

This attachment Is aimed at. The support of two opposing energies causes infinite bliss towards each other. The soul is perfect, so Ishko is not the destiny of Kishi for the earth. The soul is a mortal, so there is no fear, so attachment is without selfishness and fears only the soul. Can only be done from.

In simple language, the attraction is the attraction that is for sex in males and females. The love that is seen in another species of animal or human and animal sometimes loves.

Because two opposite species Pus birds can not be healthy for friendship. Friendship is selfless, friendship is for selfishness, friendship is not a means of business.

Relationship and love

The relationship is not necessary for love. The relation can be formed if an attachment is there, but if love is there then it is not mandatory. It is possible that attachment is in the father and son, but it is possible but there is a relationship between father and son, so it is attachment.

It is not necessary to say that it is not necessary for love to meet; love is not necessary for love. If love is there, the union can happen.

The creation of Relation is only due to the fulfillment of lust, that is why the cracks in the relationship are excessive. If the construction of the Relation is through attraction then it will be passable. But if the Relation is made by attachment then there can never be any problem in it.

The behavior of the counseling center of the roads is also thriving because the purpose of construction of the roads is either for the fulfillment of birth or by birth and in both cases, it is a burden and not a solution. The mind constantly wishes for new ways. Will remain.

The only way to overcome the bitterness of the relation. Understanding love is to dissolve attachment in the attachment. Love is the only solution. Even going to a counselor will focus on attachment, whatever it may be, the end result will be an attachment. Without attachment, nothing is important or the truth of the ways.

Sex and love

If sex is after love, it is spiritual, but if intercourse is after attraction, then it is a loss factor. We can make the attraction a partner in the attainment of attachment. But intercourse cannot be the goal, the goal is attachment. But we do the opposite, our goal is because of intercourse and this problem.

Intercourse is our body’s need for God. It cannot be denied that the action which leads to the creation of life is good and not low. The action is not wrong, the goal is wrong. So intercourse can be made to cooperate in the attachment. Its method is.

The suggestion was given by the great scholar Osho. The desire of a man is not to be stopped but to observe it with a witnessing spirit. Intercourse has to be done so that intercourse will be reduced when the intensity of intercourse becomes low, but intercourse will not affect only attachment.

What we do is that either we make intercourse the target or we try to suppress the desire of intercourse, taking intercourse as an antisocial man, believing it to be wrong and giving up the victim’s try and it is the quality of the mind that Josh tries to forget the matter and remembers it with the mind and triviality.

You try to forget some of your bad events. Man will try to bring that incident to you again and again. Man has this personality because the mind will be the proof of its existence like a man. Ishi kind of makes you realize that what you are is actually the mind while what you are in the soul.

The only way to eradicate the divine trap of the mind is to observe the mind with a witnessing spirit. Therefore, make intercourse an ally of attachment. Do not make intercourse an ally of meditation.


The path of love is very difficult. The reason is the lack of attachment in the atmosphere of the loop, you may have to erase yourself in the attachment. It is your ego. It is very difficult to erase the noise. That is why love is very difficult. But what remains after the ego disappears is attachment.

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