loneliness “”enjoy it ; it’s not hard 1”

What is loneliness

Loneliness is a social distance. Loneliness is not living in a group. Loneliness is of two types, firstly it is congenital behavior that is found in a person. This type of person feels lonely even while in a crowd. Another kind of loneliness is to be socially excluded. In this, a person is isolated by society.

Spirituality and loneliness

Do some people ask how to overcome loneliness? My two questions to such people are do you like freedom? Or do you like fastening? Why do you want the other’s attraction to you?

The desire of attaching the other is a special quality of an ordinary human being, but if this quality becomes the basis of the whole life, it is a compulsory work for the development of humanity. It is a good quality to increase friendship and be social but it is not wise to lose our originality in this way.

To get the other’s attraction, we dig our original identity. For example, if you like to dance and dance is not liked in your society, then if you pay attention to others’ attraction, then you will have to give up your fundamental quality dance which is wrong if it is a crime committed on yourself.

The attraction of others is the main reason for loneliness because if your originality is not brought about by society, then you will fail to attract others towards you, so it is up to you that your attraction of others We value our originality or give importance to development.

In my view, you should develop yourself in such a way that you remain equally comfortable in society and let alone live your life in the same sense of comfort. Your feeling should be such that with people or being alone both in you But there is no negative effect.



Reason of loneliness

1 inferiority complex

One of the main reasons for loneliness is the inferiority complex you may feel like a peon in the party of the managers of the company will always feel lonely. peon feels lonely despite being in hell.

2 pride

Pride is another major reason for being lonely. The arrogant person considers it an insult to be comfortable in society. It does not feel necessary to support people

3 borne by society

If the society does not follow any particular crime or rules established by the society, it is also due to the isolation by the society itself. However, it is not easy for a person to get out of this situation.

4.Social distance

There are also some special people who enjoy themselves in solitude. Generally, this is the trend in the partisan countries, because the expansion of the intellect and the prevalence of the best, the spiritual person always invites to be alone.


Being alone is purely a virtue. From a spiritual point of view, following the state of loneliness is very important in spiritual practice to reach the top. Many different qualities can be seen in a person who feels lonely.

We are sensitive, we are rich in conscious personality, the decision of a person who likes loneliness is always right and not going to change. Visionary and spirituality are special qualities in the rich people of such personality, such people do their work efficiently and are skilled in their work.

Only the rich people of such personalities often invent new ones. It is often seen that all those The person of the Extra Ordinary Talent is a person who like to be alone. The main reason for this is the idea which is the fundamental and the most different.

The thought and way of thinking of a person with a sociable personality are traditional. The idea of ​​a socially and politically powerful person is always traditional and ancient, and this person is always opposed to the original ideas. They do not accept new and original ideas because they obstruct their power.

Therefore, being alone is a punishment for a person with trades and social longevity. Such people are not revolutionary and they are not fearless either.

The social person has more leadership ability and the ability to form friendships, which the person who likes loneliness has these qualities. There is a lack. But if the social person is forced from the society by luring him to loneliness, his life becomes painful.

Such a person ends his life in this state or becomes mentally stressed. Such a person is afraid of opposing the wrong decision of social leadership. So it can be said that loneliness is a punishment for a person of an ordinary person and loneliness is power for a particular person.


How to overcome loneliness or loneliness

1 Refining Your Originality

Your being alone will be a boon for you, if you are alone, you will be able to make good use in improving your hobby.

If you use the Alone stage or free time to enhance your special qualities, then it will be very beneficial for you. For example, if you like music, then you can use the time to rejoice in music. There is no stopping it. You can spend as much time and experiment new.

2 meditate

In the alone stage, you can meditate or say in other words, meditation can be done alone. Being alone and enjoying this stage is meditation.

Meditation formed in alone, because nature gave each person a different identity. Therefore, it is your originality to separate from the other, but we prefer to be social for a special benefit.

Being social does not give any benefit except safety. Meditation enhances your originality. Therefore, meditating in free time is the use of time.

3 self-inspection

Being alone is a very pleasant watch for self-inspection. It is easy to concentrate on yourself. The future and the development of oneself can be thought of under the circumstances.


Loneliness has become a major problem in the Karana era. We can accept everything easily, but if we are forced to live alone, we cannot bear this example.

It is for us, but it can also be used properly to show that we have made an effort in this Content.

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