Humanity vs religion “best reviews of 2 holds”

Humanity without religion

It is true that humanity cannot come without religion. Religion makes us different from animals.

Religion keeps us united. Without religion, we are like animals. Our identity in this world is from religion.

How religion makes humans.

Religion teaches us to love each other. The main element of religion is love. Love makes us different from animals. Religion teaches us discipline.

Anushashan does not cause depression. This brings peace back into the environment.

  Loss from the absence of religion


Humanity vs religion
this is a symbol of Humanity vs religion


Religion is helpful in our unity. In its absence, it is not possible to be united. Without religion, the standard of living cannot be high. Without religion, humanity has no value.

Benefit of religion

Religion teaches us to follow the path of God. We get knowledge of truth through religion. Religion brings morality in life.

 Civilizations are born out of religion. Religion is the birth of civilization. Humanity develops through religion; religion is humanity.

Real religion

The real religion of man is to love this whole universe. The real religion is to cooperate in the work of manifestation by acquiring knowledge.

   Elements of religion

  Following are the key elements of religion

  1 excellent idea.

The main element of religion is its thoughts, the idea should be such that it is helpful in making a human successful on all walks of life.

The life span of any religion depends on its thoughts. Reasonable and visionary thoughts are valid at all times.

2 organizations

The second element of religion is an organization. The future of any religion depends on the strength of its organization. A strong organization is beneficial for any society.

3 moral rules

Morality is also a major element of religion. Practical and rational moral rules are in the interest of any religion and organization.

Religion without humanity

Like I have described in the above statement. Humanity is not possible without religion.

Likewise, religion without humanity is invariable. Compassion, love, mutual cooperation is an expression of being human.

But in the present times, religion has become more of business means rather than a carrier of humanity.

The discussion should be the place of logic and knowledge in religion, but nowadays the nature of religion is becoming conservative.

  The negative impact of caste

The reality is that an ideal society is possible from the ideal church.

And it is not necessary to be very educated to explain that anything or system coming from caste or Bansh tradition is bound to be corrupt and consequently foolish.

Unless any type of religious belief can be questioned or criticized, then it will eventually. Will be transformed into stereotypes and superstitions.

Criticism of religion

Any person or religion for complete development should change his personality and system by listening and paying attention to the criticism. Good criticism is helped us to grow our thoughts.

If we do not generate criticism from within our organization. So it is better to have criticism from outside.

It should be that the criticism should be from inside because the criticism from inside will probably be to improve the organization, there will not be any kind of misconduct in it.

But it rarely happens that internal criticism comes from outside, external criticism also involves the alien mindset. External criticism is acceptable but precautionary.

 Improvement in traditional thinking

The main drawback to traditionalist thinking is that traditionalist thinking opposes new ideas.

The main reason for this is the nurturing of the business mindset of the person sitting in the highest positions in the system. It is possible traditional thinking is possible only.

Here I want to draw attention to a difference. Life to criticism, different views, and materialistic thinking should be done as values.

But these trends should be original rather than coming from generations.         

Traditional contemplation will obviously come from father to son and guru to disciple, but different thinking from tradition will always be fundamental.

 Loss of traditional thinking

When traditionalist thinking will reach its culmination. Rather I fear that as religion becomes devoid of humanity, criticism and materialistic thinking will increase.

There is no doubt in my mind that contemporary religious institutions should own. There is danger from within. The reason for this is that they have lost intellectualism with few exceptions.

Whereas in some places there is a situation that the atheists have not started to practice religious beliefs because of this, because they are afraid to face the pressures and there is no time to ask questions or express doubts.

The reality is that is happening everywhere around the world. Now religious beliefs are getting more space than rationalism, while there is no place for those who raise doubts or raise questions.

The two big dangers facing religion these days are the terrorizing atmosphere of the priestly class and the strengthening traditionalist mindset.





The advent of modernity is also possible from the original ideas

The modern materialistic system or spiritual system is possible only with new and original ideas.

New discovery always takes birth from new disorders  But if traditionalist ideologies provoke new ideology Construction of modern society cannot be possible.

The reception of new ideas is in the interest of both humanity and religion, but blindly accepting the new idea is also harmful. Any ideology, whether it is new or old should be in human interest, it should be accepted.


Religion is incomplete without humanity and humanity is incomplete without religion. The truth remains constant, where new ideas are respected and followed. We do not deserve to be called civilized.

Unless we oppose the wrong tradition. We are living in a modern world where ancient thinking will never implicate.It is not possible your society is modern and your thinking is ancient.

In this article analysis of humanity and religion, we are providing some facts about religion is not acceptable without humanity is the best element of religion.

Compression between humanity and religion is wrong because both has the same values. humanity is religion and religion is humanity.



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