How to awaken the sixth sense in 21

Meaning of the sixth Sense

The sense of the senses means consciousness, which means that the means of making the existence of the existence, is called the sense, ie the means which make us feel to be a part of this universe, it is called senses.

The use of the senses is very important in maintaining its existence. Without senses, life is difficult to run smoothly.

How much sense is there?

There are different types of senses according to different opinions, which are as follows.

5 senses

Science: There are five senses in the awakened state in the ordinary man, which provide taste, the smell of smell, the power to see, the power to touch, hearing, or speaking.

14 senses

According to Indian philosophy, there are three types of senses, five senses, five senses, and four internal senses.

The sense senses are that which gives us knowledge of the universe, which includes eyes, ears, nose, tongue, and skin. Comes in the senses, hands, feet, mouth, anus, and penis. Internal senses are mind, mind, and ego.

1 eye

The eye gives us the power to see, the gross form of the world can be seen only through the eye. The eye gives us the power to divide colors, without the eye we cannot see the nature of external nature.

  1. ear

Karkas or sweet sounds can be heard by the ear, you can recognize sounds by ear.

3 noses

The nose gives us the power to smell. The smell and the smell of good smell are distinguished only by the nose.

4 tongue

Through the tongue, we can enjoy different types of taste.

5 skin

Touch is felt by the skin

6 hands

The hand is a work sense through which all earthly family, etc. work is done.

7 Leg

Through the feet we can displace our body from one place to another, that is, we can move from one place to another through the feet.


We take food into the body through the mouth. Food is very important to maintain life. Therefore, the mouth is an important sense without which life is not possible.

This sense is used to take out the element taken in the body.

10.The mind

The mind is an invisible inner sense. Emotions are produced through the mind.


Through intelligence, we can divide right wrong. Wisdom is used to make our life easy and simple.

12 soul

The mind means the soul which is our existence, we are the soul


Arrogance occurs when the mind is in a latent state

sixth sense

According to the Puranas, there are two types of senses.

1 external sense

2 internal senses

1 external sense

The five external senses are called the olfactory bladder, eye, skin, and pelvis. These are described by the five senses.

2 inner sense

The inner sense is the mind, which we call the sixth sense. The mind or soul is the sense that is in a dormant state, to use it, it awakens us.

sixth sense

How to awaken the sixth sense

Apart from the five senses, there is another sense. The sixth sense, the sixth sense, is not visible because its place is internal, it is the center of the soul.

sixth sense

The sixth sense is attached to the reed’s bone in the hind part of the mastic. It occurs in latent faith because it is not used in ordinary life.

Meditation and yoga are used to awaken this sense. Any inner power can be attained through yoga and meditation.

Pranayama and silent meditation is the initial stage to awaken this sense as the senses are constantly practiced, the senses will be awakened.

Benefits of awakening sixth sense

The sixth sense is an inner sleeping sense that is not used by ordinary people. Awakening it gives extraordinary power. The sixth sense is the soul, to awaken the soul means knowledge of oneself. Knowledge of itself means knowledge of the universe.

That is, by awakening the sixth sense, you can know the events of the future or know the subtractions of the previous birth. In other words, you can travel time.

With the awakening of the sixth sense, you get to know all the science and knowledge.

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