China India conflict 2020″spirituality is solution”

In the eyes of spirituality  China India conflict

India and China are feared war. Both countries are close to war. Can war solve any problem? What is the reason for the war? Is war itself a problem. What is the cause of the China and India conflict? Is it a blot on the world war? Let’s try to know these questions.

Reason for war 

There are mainly two reasons for war. First arrogance, second injustice. The ego is the ego of being the first to be the best. The ego is the most negative character of humanity.

Ego is the root of all inhuman behavior in this world. The feeling of being the best is filled in our childhood. The pressure to be first in school: Parents fill the hearts of children at the beginning of life.

 As a result of this, two types of feelings are born in children, if the child comes first of the ego, then he starts to think himself superior to other children.

If the child does not come first, then inferiority is born. Both feelings are harmful to the child. It is harmful to humanity. We fill the seeds of the comparative system from the very beginning.

This system is the main cause of war. There are many examples in the world that some people who did not come first, they have achieved many successes in life, eg Bill Gates, Dhirubhai Ambani, Abraham Lincoln, Sachin Tendulkar, etc.

So there should be a system in which there is no comparability, where each person achieves success by using some of the qualities of his own self.

The main cause of China and India conflict is also the result of the desire to be the first. The craving to be first is so strong that humanity is strangled. We go-ahead to take any loss.


china India conflict


War itself a problem


War is not the solution to any problem but a problem in itself. War should not be for ego but against injustice. There should be war only when there is no other way left. But unfortunately, China and India are the cause of disputes arrogance.

The craving to make China the first power has become so strong. That he has no concern about the end of humanity.

Nobody is worried about the outcome of the war. The modern lifestyle is so directionless that there is a race in it, the person is running, but there is no one, nor is there any other goal after the attainment of a goal. Because someone has achieved his place. It also has to be left behind and move forward.

Is life only for the attainment of material goals? The answer is no. The goal of life is to know oneself. It can only be achieved through spirituality. While the race for the first is there, then wars will continue. Then there will be an injustice.

Because we sprout this awareness at the beginning of life. If you want to know about the causes of China and India disputes, then you have to read about the life of the President of China. We will know that due to war there is arrogance and injustice.

The second reason is the system which has given rise to this arrogance and injustice. Therefore, we have to change the system if we do not wish for war in the future because warriors are a problem in themselves.

Is this  China India conflict signs of the beginning  World War

It cannot be said that China and India conflict can be converted into World War, but it is possible that it can be converted into World War. In fact, it is not only the china India conflict. It is a preparation for World War. Engagement. The china India conflict is the result of the rivalry of two rivals China and America.

China India conflict The aspiration to overtake China from the US is the result of the thinking of the Chinese political leadership. China India conflict. The aspiration to be the first in our inner mental aspiration. The political leadership takes advantage of their aspiration to pursue their interests.

What is the cause of the China and India conflict?

Due to the spirit of the China India conflict, world powers have arrogance. One is an attempt to encroach on the other’s rights. The Sino china India conflict is the result of the aspiration and retaliation of injustice.

Secondly, from the political point of view, China India Dispute is the result of China’s expansion of political leadership and following the British British ideas. Chinese people have to keep India unstable if they have to fulfill their aspirations.

If China loses in this China India Dispute. Or it becomes unstable. If its economy collapses, it will result in instability in the Asia profession for at least 25 years.

Because the unstable and aggressive nations in the world are behind or indirectly the hand of the Chinese political leadership. These political leaders is ready to go to any extent to achieve their ambitious objective.


the china India conflict


How yogis gain height during meditation or meditation.


Meditation means knowledge of the existence of the physical world. This is not limited only to thoughts, but in its behavior, it should be answered. Our consciousness should realize that whatever is visible in this physical world. Its end is certain.

 Only the realization of this is the initial state of spirituality. This leads to the end of attachment to material objects. Pride ends. And this state is helpful in meditation.

 As far as heights are pleased. Heights or depths have no meaning. This is an element of pride. These words are a copy of pride kay. And pride has no place in spirituality. These words create a hindrance to meditation.

Yes, there is a feeling of peace in Asheem. One feels stagnation in life. We give him the name of depth or height.


One reason for war is the feeling of indecision. One reason for the china India conflict is also in the sense of indecisiveness. Both countries or any country have a feeling of indecisiveness that if we are weak or left behind then another attack or destabilizing Can.

The solution for this is that in order to get the promotion of policy and meditation in our education and our system, we will have to make efforts from our home to social power.

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