Beginning of the spiritual journey in 2021

Beginning of the spiritual journey

Means the beginning of a spiritual journey. The birth of spiritual Gods in the heart. The realization of spirituality is the beginning of a spiritual journey.

In fact, when we are born, our mind is underdeveloped, so by default we are spiritual in our childhood.

But as the body develops, the mind develops. The mind is a reflection of the soul, so the mind is not the existence of the mind, but the mind is only a shadow of the soul. Just like the shadow of a body is like a body but it has no existence, the mind also does not exist.

Both the soul and the mind are the father of ideas, that is, ideas arise from both the soul and mind. The thoughts that arise from the soul are positive thoughts, the thoughts generated by the mind are negative.

The thoughts of the soul are natural which leads to immortality. The thoughts of the mind are unnatural which leads to Maya.

The soul says that the physical universe is untrue; ultimately we have to be absorbed in the vast eternal energy. This is true. A man says the physical world is the truth.

Therefore, the beginning of the knowledge of the falseness of the mind is the beginning of the spiritual journey.

The spiritual journey means the knowledge of the truth. Salvation from the deception of the mind is the beginning of the spiritual journey

. All the spiritual people born in this world have said equally that the worldly world is untrue, there is only one stop in the journey of being absorbed in Nobel energy.

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Spiritual Travel Tools

A spiritual journey means the search for truth. When we are busy with worldly fascination Maya does not realize the truth, our soul is asleep, the mind completely dominates our mind, then we are unfamiliar with the truth.

There is no sense of human duty. When we are in the heart of the mind, then we are animalistic. We are like an animal. The search for truth is the spiritual journey that leads us to humanity.

Is the main tool to take the spiritual journey from animalism


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How to start a spiritual journey

The spiritual journey begins with awakening the senses, that is, when we do all the work consciously, only then spiritual life begins.

When the work is good then it will not come to your senses, then it will not be sensible, then the work will be fine. That is, all the work should be done with the senses. If you are having food, do it consciously. If you do your practical work, do it consciously.

It means to say that whatever we do, we should do it with full diligence. It means that we do something and the flow of thoughts in the mind is for some other work. Stopping the flow of thoughts is a spiritual journey.

When we stop the flow of thoughts, it means to deactivate the mind and awaken the soul. Spiritual journey means the journey from the outer to the inner soul.

Meditation is a process that makes the mind inactive. The process of meditation begins with awakening the senses. Yoga also helps in awakening the senses.

The spiritual journey

Stories of the spiritual journey


In Indian history, we are going to discuss the story of the spiritual journey. at of two spiritual priests, that is Mahatma Gautam Buddha and Kabir.

Buddha is born in a royal family, but his mind is fed up with secret happiness. The work of mind is to be boiled no matter how good a life you are living.

The mind constantly demands new, whether it is good to Be or bad It is not surprising that Buddha got bored. Even after being bored, an ordinary person believes the same life to be true. Buddha’s journey of spirituality.

occurs when a question arises in his mind why a human patient grows old and kills. Why does a man get sadIn search of these questions, the Buddha’s spiritual journey begins and one day he leaves his son and wife sleeping and is freed to wander into the world for enlightenment. Despite this, Maya is born and he turns around and stares at his family.

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