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What is honesty

Honesty means following the truth, honesty itself, honesty means honesty, following the soul out of the trap of the mind without seeing that loss is profit. In simple words, honesty means that someone is available with you.

Be it or not but your work should be as if someone is available with you. For example, if you are working in an office, then your boss should be in front of you or not, you should do the work with full promptness and truth.

Importance of honesty in social life

Social life is said to live in a group, collectivity is what makes a society. To live in a group, it is very important to have a rule of law, because every person has a fundamental idea, a fundamental identity, a fundamental talent, a basic lifestyle, and fundamental thinking.

Conflicts can occur between each other which may be due to confrontation, so rules and laws are very important to prevent these conflicts. Although there is no need for rules and policies of social life for spiritual life, spirituality rule is beyond the law.

Rule law is only for the mind, the soul has no originality, the soul is one. When we have an interview with the soul then our identity is one caste.

Honesty is a very good policy for sustaining social life. Honesty enhances the credibility of a person in society. Honesty makes life easier, so be honest and make life easier.

Importance of honesty in business


Business means a transaction, ie an item or currency in exchange for an item. Following are the essential elements to make a business successful.

1 choose the right place

2 Quality of 2 identical

3 fair price

4 Honesty of promises

Choose the right place

To run any business, it is necessary to have the availability of the raw material of whatever material you are manufacturing at that place and the consumption of the final product.

The second is the social and political stability of that place. The third most important thing is that place. The practice of law and law is to be relevant to the business.

Product Quality

The second element to make the business successful is the quality of the product. If the product’s quality is the best, then the product will definitely come in the eyes of the customer and the product will be established as a brand.

But if the quality of the product is poor then the product will fail even if it is successful in the beginning.


Fair price

The third important element after the quality of the product is the fair value of the product. If the value of the product is excessive then the product will fail even after the quality is good.

Honest to promises

The only important element to the success of any business is honesty. Integrity in product quality, honesty in product price Integrity in product service will set the product’s incomparableness at the height from which the business will continue to create new records of continued success

Some businessmen do not take sincerity to get quick success and little profit, as a result, the business ends after the initial success, as well as the customers who are not very aware of the whole business world which is similar to that business.

An example of this is the network marketing business in India, due to the dishonesty of some chit fund companies, the Indian public is also aware of the established network marketing companies.

Another important element to make a business successful is a continuous new research and new ideas.

Honesty and spirituality

Spirituality and honesty are both the same Sabbath. The one who is honest is the one who is upright. He is honest. Being honest with the duties directed by his soul is spirituality.

Integrity and spirituality are like success and hard work. One who is not honest cannot be optimistic. One who is spiritual will have to be honest. Honesty is a virtuous quality which is the identity of the soul.

Importance of spirituality in political life

We can analyze the importance of honesty in political life by analyzing the politics of India, for example, Prime Minister of India, Narendra Modi.

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