What is spirituality, what is the meaning of spirituality, what is dharma, in this blog we will consider this word and the act of these things? Let’s talk about spirituality, spirituality has deep meaning .spritualty is to know why is our

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existence in this world , to know what is your responsibility for this whole universe and many kinds of things including is in this topic. spirituality is dharma for humanity. Let’s talk about the part about dharma.


There is some part of spiritually the following bellow:

  1. dhanyan {meditation}
  2. yoga
  3. worship
  4. humanity
  5. sanyas.
  6. dharma

these are basic pat of dharma or spirituality.

subject of spirituality

Now we talk about the subject of spirituality there are following subject is under spiritualty:

  1. pain
  2. happiness
  3. jealous
  4. peace
  5. anger
  6. sadness
  7. love
  8. hate
  9. trust
  10. faith
  11. fear
  12. like
  13. dislike
  14. shame
  15. These are some list we will discuss on this topic spirituality. This word more effected in our life and also part of this spirituality and dharma we will discuss all in deep in all our next post separately because each subject has deep meaning in itself we will not discuss in this short post. we have to discuss each subject and part of this topic.
  16. If you have more subjects recording this please don’t hesitate to email me. so plz keep visiting this site and keep reading my article regarding this topic. your kind presence makes motivated us to write some knowledge full article about this topic in lost spirituality is nothing but a way of life to make every people happy and peaceful our last important goal of life is to present yourself to this universe now we will end this post. make happy your self make happy this universe, make a world peacefully. be spiritual.


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